Are We Finally Finding Our Backbone Again?

I’ve been so disheartened by America’s out of control political correctness, Obama’s apology tour, people believing they have the right not to be offended, even the socialization of American.
Illegal aliens have become ‘undocumented workers, Islamic Jihadist are now ‘violent  extremists.’  We sat back and watched it all happen and did nothing for too long. It seemed to me that America had fallen into a certain apathy, but now it looks like we finally found our backbone again.

First we saw the Tea Party movement emerge. It wasn’t just about being over taxed, it’s about angry Americans that have had enough and are ready to take their government back from the politicians. Out with the old and in with the new.

More recently we’ve watched Arizona take a stand against illegal immigration when the government failed to do the job. Arizona has even threatened to turn off the power they supply to Los Angeles if they don’t back down from their threat to boycott Arizona. Several states have followed suite proposing their own version of Arizona’s law. Just like Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral, the good people of Arizona took a stand to have their laws enforced.

After Comedy Central cowed to threats by Muslim extremists and censoring depictions of Mohammad , pages started popping up on Facebook supporting freedom of speech and expression. Everybody Draw Mohammad Day has gone viral.
People from all over the world have joined to stand up for their right to free speech and expression without fear of retribution. Now the government of Pakistan has blocked access to Facebook in protest.
See what happens when you take a stand?

I’m hoping these are all signs that the average American has had enough and finally found their backbone again and the end of political correctness.

“Political correctness is a façade constructed in opposition to reality and sold as “tolerance.” Because of this, its purveyors are given to moral relevance and all who reject it are branded as “intolerant.” When properly implemented, it stifles our ability to think clearly.”

Political Correctness


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