My View On The View

Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar become apoplectic when Bill O’Reilly states it was Muslims who attacked us on September 11th instead of making the distinction that they were extremists, and 70% of polled Americans do NOT want a mosque built at the WTC site.

Goldberg takes offense and tried to use Timothy McVeigh an example. “Why not blame Christians?” laments Behar.  Newsflash – McVeigh sought revenge against the federal government for the Waco Seige. It had nothing to do with religious ideologue. It sure as hell wasn’t the Pennsylvania Amish that flew planes into the World Trade Center.

Not being able to sustain their argument, they storm off  the set.

I thought it was called “The View” because it was supposed to be a forum for different points of view…although we know how far from the truth that is.

Well, here’s my view.. if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen – or grow up. As O’Reilly would opine.. they’re a bunch of  pinheads.



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2 responses to “My View On The View

  1. Linda Hanlon

    Joy is an embarrassment to the Italians. Joy has absolutely no common sense. I hope her show falls. I can’t stand listening to her.
    As far as Whoopi “Goldberg” Carin Johnson she’s just old news. Funny she picks a nice Jewish name to represent herself. I think she should change her name. Carin disrespects the Jewish name she carry’s. Whoopi is also a disgrace to the Christians.
    and her race. Hey Whoopi why don’t you marry a nice black man instead of these old white men. Nothing worse then watching a show that spews just ignorance!

  2. Roseann Rice

    I just don’t watch that show, but I saw the “bit” of what happened on that show regarding “muslims” attacking us on 9/11. Hey they did attack us, yes it was the extremists. But, those women are a bunch of post-menopausals who need their hormones. They aren’t impartial and whose “view” are they stating?!

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