Free Speech or Political Correctness

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?









How many of you actually saw the segment with Juan Williams while on The Factor?  The whole unedited version?

Unless you happened to be watching The Factor, chances are you didn’t, because if you did you would know what Williams said was taken out of context which NPR and the biased media then used to their advantage.
I didn’ t think you’d be surprised.

It was a six minute segment, only a small sound byte was shown. Below you’ll find both versions.. the full 6 minute segment and American Infidel’s edited for brevity segment.

Williams strongly believes we always need to make a distinction, when referring to Muslims, between extremists and all the rest. Bill disagrees and is tired of all the over the top political correctness. O’Reilly believes Americans are smart enough to make the distinction without having to be told to, and I agree.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with what Juan Williams said about being uncomfortable on a plane when he sees someone in full Muslim garb, identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims.

If Pennsylvania Amish attacked us on 9/11 and Amish Church leaders were calling for overcoming and defeating the “English” (that’s what the Amish call us) and started strapping bombs on their horse and buggys, I’d be wary of any white guy sporting a beard and a broad-brimmed hat of black felt.

I don’t agree with Juan Williams politically, but I respect the fact that he’s honest with his opinions and means no harm. Yes, he’s a liberal, but not a Pelosi/Reid left wing loon liberal. In other words, he’s not an Obama-bot. Someone at NPR, (Vivian Schiller) doesn’t like the fact that he’s not in lock step with their far left agenda and may just be able to think for his self.
In other words, Schiller is just sucking sour grapes because Williams doesn’t drink the kool-aide. No worries, Fox News immediately took him in and gave him a 3 year 2 million dollar contract. NPR, you lose and Williams wins. Sometimes good does triumph over evil after all.

You see, this is a stick in the eye to every nut job out there that spews bull about Fox News or anyone right of center. Juan Williams was there as a guest to give his opinion for the liberal side much like Alan Colmes was to Hannity.

The whole  issue speaks volumes of the Right -vs- Left in terms of which side really does support free speech and which side wishes to quash any opposing views. Oh yeah, speaking of views, there’s another prime example, the biddies on The View and how they became apoplectic over O’Reilly’s views.  I for one am glad they’re all showing their true colors.

By the way, I too would love to see NPR lose their 2% funding from tax payer dollars. Sarah Palin said it best, “If NPR is unable to tolerate an honest debate about an issue as important as Islamic terrorism, then it’s time for ‘National Public Radio’ to become ‘National Private Radio.'”

Preach it sister, Preach it!

American Infidel’s Short Version

Full Juan Williams Controversial O’Reilly Factor Appearance



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5 responses to “Free Speech or Political Correctness

  1. Linda Hanlon

    America is coming together poor MS obama, she made not be but I proud of my country more then ever! Tired of your bare arms ahhhhhh. We will take back our country and freedom!

  2. Roseann Rice

    He said what we are all thinking, he just had the balls to say it, bravo! I would be leary as well if I got on a plane and saw a person in full muslim garb also, hey it’s a sign o’ the times. This is America last time I checked and we have a RIGHT to our opinions and we have a RIGHT to state them without the fear of being ridiculed for it!

  3. devilof76

    You don’t have a right to say what you believe without being ridiculed for it–otherwise those ridiculing would have no right to speak freely. You have a right to not be persecuted for your speech and persecution is an act of government, not of your fellow citizens.

    Williams had every right to say what he did. The only reason NPR had no right to fire him for it was because they receive government endorsement in the form of subsidies. A government agency has no right to practice policy which favors one viewpoint over another. Had Williams made the comment on NPR, they would have been justified, and their actions would have been Constitutional. But, he didn’t…

  4. Linda Hanlon

    Lord have mercy I was rushing on my firt response. Sorry. Not even sure why I brought up that lanky armed woman.

    America is coming together on Nov2
    poor MS obama, she may not have been proud of her country, but I’m even more proud when she shuts her mouth.

    I have never been a fan of Juan. Juan has a right to his opinion for sure but worth 2 million I’m not happy with Fox pulling that. NO way was NPR paying that and Fox shouldn’t have jumped at that high a price. Juan would have taken anything over what NPR paid. Nice guy but not very bright! He use to be Fox’s toy to exploit and use against the conservative speakers on Fox.

  5. Linda Hanlon

    I said that from day one devilof 76.
    If he said it on NPR that’s one thing they did it plain and clear cause it was FOX

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