Don’t Vote!

I hate these “Get Out and Vote”, “Rock the Vote”, “Vote or Die” groups aimed at young uneducated voters that have no idea what a candidates’ voting record is or the consequences of their vote (except from what they learn from MTV and Comedy Central) Many of them don’t even have a clear grasp of history.

Did you know that most 18-35 year olds can correctly identify a picture of Lindsay Lohan, but not Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin?

These are the exact people who the ‘ get out and vote’ groups want at the polls because it only helps their cause.


Voting is your right, but with that right comes responsibility.

Should you vote in the next election? Everyone should take this brief quiz, especially if you fall into that 18-35 year old group.
SHOULD I VOTE? – If you fail this quiz, study up or do your country a favor and stay home.

Seriously... don't!

Do you know where your candidates really stand on the issues that are important to you? Do you know how they voted in the past or even recently? Below are several sites, listed from the most simplest to the more complex. Please take a few minutes and get to know your candidates. Their votes speak louder than their words.

VOTE EASY – brought to you by Project Vote Smart. Find out which candidates are most like you.

PROJECT VOTE SMART – The voter’s self-defense system.

The US Congress Votes Database –  A project from the Washington Post

GovTrack – A civic project to track Congress. (Members of Congress, Bills and Resolutions, Voting Records and Congressional Committees)



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3 responses to “Don’t Vote!

  1. Excellent point! What is the point of voting if you don’t know who you are voting for and why? Voting records of candidates should always be reviewed before you vote. Party lines don’t always tell you everything you really need to know.

    • Shaun O'Rourke

      I agree as well, but unfortunately 90% of America is ignorant and can be swayed one way or the other through media from both sides.

      This is why our country is only run by the top 10% of educated and rich. They love to keep all of us down on both sides of the aisle as long as no one disrupts the flow of their companies profits.

      $4 billion spent on the mid term elections proves no one person can make a difference, but insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and big oil dominate the donations to campaigns. This country will always be run by the companies and special interests. Sad…but true.

      I still voted early and still believe that what I do matters. The truth is money talks and the BS will always walk.

  2. Great point, glad I found your blog, Tomas Sowell just said today “A society that cannot or will not focus on matters of life and death is a society whose survival as a free nation is questionable.” I say we are becoming less free all the time for the sake of the pursuit of happiness being put before life or RESPONSIBLE liberty.

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