Place The Blame Where It Belongs

First, let me start by saying I’m simply heartbroken and appalled at the tragedy in AZ. My prayers to the the family and friends of the victims.

I’m also angry. I’m angry that time and time again Jared Loughner slipped through the cracks from as far back as 2007 and possibly before.  There were many red flags – no, huge neon signs that were ignored. Perhaps if someone had taken the time to follow through with Loughner after he was kicked out of  community college and not allowed to return without a mental evaluation, maybe…just maybe this all could have been prevented.

Truth be told, there was a whole chain of events that if acted upon could have prevented this tradgedy. Many people dropped the ball, but the fact remains that the blame and responsibility lies squarely on Jared Loughner’s shoulders and no one else’s.

Loughner had no comprehensive political agenda..he was mentally ill. He supported Pelosi, but hated Giffords, he hated the government and burned the American flag, he believed police were unconstitutional,  etc… Too many people are trying to make sense of a senseless act. To place blame on anyone other than Jared Loughner is divisive and irresponsible. To blame his acts on any political party is simply speculative opinion, and unproductive.

There have always been madmen who will seek to do harm. Was it rhetoric from the GOP that caused Booth to assassinate Lincoln? How about JFK, Robert Kennedy or MLK?
If you listen to angry individuals like Sheriff Dupnik of Arizona he’d have you believe so.

To blame political vitriol is absurd.  The current tenor of  political discourse from both sides may be overheated and angry, but it doesn’t cause sane people to go out and commit murder, mentally ill people do that.

By the way, while I’m on the topic of the Sheriff… how irresponsible and just plain stupid can one person be?  He’s a law enforcement official putting  political spin and offering a divisive opinion on an open case before the bodies are even buried. Nice Sheriff. Perhaps it’s time you retired.

Then we have all the anti-gun people crawling out of the wood work, (like I didn’t see that train wreck coming), using this tragic event to push their political agenda.

Do they not realize that when a mentally disturbed individual such as Loughner is determined to hurt himself or others, that person is going to do whatever it takes to follow through? Of course they know it, but this is the perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of  and capitalize on knee jerk reactions that often happen following an incident of this magnitude. Shame on you.

Well here’s an opinion I think matters. The opinion of  John Green, father of Christina Taylor Green the 9 year old girl that was murdered by Jared Loughner. He states in an interview, “We don’t neeed anymore restrictions on our society”
(See the video below for full context.) Well, I agree with you Mr. Green and may God grant you and your family the strength to see you through the loss of your princess.

The best we can hope for to come out of this is to learn from it…and there’s much to be learned. Learn from the mistakes made so that hopefully, another incident like this may be prevented in the future.



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4 responses to “Place The Blame Where It Belongs

  1. Absolutely! I was able to view his mugshot and it was terribly clear, by looking in his eyes, just how mentally ill he was. There was no political motivation from conservative/liberal points of view. He was simply a very sick person who slipped under the radar (pardon my use of the word, but people should know exactly what I mean!). There were plenty of opportunities for others to help him, but those were ignored. I’ve seen liberals actually managing to tie this issue to Ronald Reagan.

  2. Linda Hanlon

    Touche ! The Sherrif needs to retire ASAP and a gag order put on him. As soon as he opened his mouth and said what he did I screamed ” you just gave the nut help with his insanity plea”

  3. IF ONE person had been ARMED, Trained, and willing to apply both the perps FIRST shot would have been his last. While all you say is true dear lady the most glaring point to this tragedy is not the lack of oversite but a lack of readiness, awareness, and foresight. What public official, in their right mind, would NOT want at LEAST plaincloths armed police or private security presence at a public event? Come to my blog HARDMARINE and lets discuss these and other things shall we?

  4. American Infidel

    Yes, Yes, Yes Marine… I fully agree with you as well. I was just focusing on one aspect of the situation.

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