News 10 Coverage on Controversial Photo

An employee of the California Employment Development Department alterd a photo of Trayvon Martin with the photo of a local police officer that was killed in the line of duty.What EDD spokesperson Loree Levy fails to mention is that the whistle-blower, former law enforcement officer Steve Johanson was fired. The employee that sent the email to co-workers on a government computer, was not.

If you’d like to lodge a complaint, below is a list of contact numbers. Let’s make some calls! Also, feel free to email California Governor Jerry Brown  Please be respectful while expressing your outrage.

Contact numbers for the EDD and sponsors



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2 responses to “News 10 Coverage on Controversial Photo

  1. ken bigley

    I cannot imagine that anyone defaming a fallen officer gets nothing and the person bringing it to light gets fired. These people have lost all sence of right and wrong.

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