Altered Trayvon Martin Photo Causes Upset – Whistle Blower Loses Job

Shortly after the Trayvon Martin case came to light, a disparaging email, with an attached picture, was sent out by an employee of the California Employment Development Department (EDD).

On the left of the picture is Vallejo PD Officer James Capoot who was killed in the line of duty on November 17th, 2011, on the right was the face of a very young Trayvon Martin photoshopped onto the

picture of Officer Capoot and captioned, “Would it make people feel any different if we put this face on a dead pig?

picture sent by California Employment Development employee

The offending email was sent from a state owned computer targeting white,  pro law enforcement co-workers by EDD employee Andre Wilder. It should be noted that Mr. Wilder has a history of sending out racially charged emails to his non-black co-workers.

One of the co-workers on the receiving end is former police officer and friend of Officer Capoot, Steve Johanson.

Mr. Johanson says he can understand dislike for law enforcement, only because of the misleading stories put out by the mainstream news media about much of the police activity. Stories meant to portray our Law Enforcement Officers in a bad light, but he could not understand the hate, especially the disrespect for those who sacrificed their life in order to protect the public.

Johanson then emailed a friend, who is also the founder of the pro law enforcement website Big City Cops, expressing his anger and grief. The offensive picture was posted on BCC by the admin to show the hatred that exists against the men and woman who protect and serve their communities.

The response was positive. There were many calls placed to the Governor’s office which resulted in an investigation by the EDD. One would hope this story would have ended with disciplinary action against Mr. Wilder. Instead, Wilder gets suspended yet still retains his job  and Steve Johanson gets a pink slip. Seriously? Because of the complaints made to EDD and to the Governor’s office, Steve Johanson loses his job and the hate-filled perpetrator that started this whole debacle skates. Nice.

Let’s reiterate. Wilder happens to be a black man who is anti-law enforcement and is angry about Trayvon Martin. Steve Johanson happens to be a white, former police officer and veteran who is angry about the disparaging email and picture of his recently murdered friend. In the great wisdom of a California government agency,the first man gets a suspension, and the whistle-blower loses his job….and you think I’m playing the race card?


The original story that was posted on the Facebook page Big City Cops was flagged by EDD and summarily removed by Facebook. Subscribe to this blog for regular updates. Also, please sign the petition for the reinstatement of Steve Johanson/ termination of Andre Wilder



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6 responses to “Altered Trayvon Martin Photo Causes Upset – Whistle Blower Loses Job

  1. Eddie Garcia

    What can we do about it? I’m ready to help!

  2. American Infidel

    Thanks! You can start by signing the petition. If you would, please make some calls…here are the numbers:
    We need to right this egregious wrong!

  3. If you only knew how wrong you are Jack! But I will only regress. Hope your not “all in” because if you are ignorant enough to bet on Steve you will lose every thing!!!

  4. Because Andre Wilder doesn’t have anything to do while he’s on suspension, so he has lots of time to spread things that aren’t true…

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