Hello Pot…Meet Kettle

Over the past month, several progressive-activist blogs have waged a
war against the company Chick-Fil-A and its CEO Dan Cathy for a stating his personal belief in traditional marriage.

Now, several college campuses have joined in the witch hunt by
starting online petitions stopping or having CFA restaurants removed
from their food courts.

For example, Jose Chavira, a N.C. State graduate student, started an
online petition Friday seeking to get the university to remove Chick-
Fil-A from the Atrium food court on campus.

Chavira, and his ilk, have the audacity to accuse anyone else of being a bigot or intolerant. Pot, meet Kettle.
I’m not so sure he even knows or understands what being tolerant
truly means.

Jose Chavira stated,“… it’s almost offensive in a sense that our
university is willing to maintain this relationship with an
organization that blatently discriminates against a portion of our
student body.” Discriminates? There’s not been a single charge or
accusation against CEO Dan Cathy for discrimination against any

In an interview with the Baptist Press and later on a Christian radio
program, Mr. Cathy defended marriage between a man and a woman.
When asked about his support of traditional marriage he
said, “Guilty as charged. I’m very much supportive of the family —
the biblical definition of the family unit.”

That was it. Mr. Cathy simply expressed a deeply held conviction
rooted in his Christian faith. Mr. Cathy holds no public office, he
makes no laws and is not active in the political arena. He’s simply a
man with a personal opinion, whether you agree with him or not.

What bothers me even more than some dopey college students are
people like Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Chicago Mayor Rahm

Thomas Menino said he would try to deny Chick-fil-A’s application
for permits to open restaurants in that city. Now that’s
discrimination. Not only is that discrimination, but illegal and
unconstitutional. So now Americans are turning into the thought police? That’s scary.

In Chicago, Rahm Emanuel has said, “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values.”
Are Chicago values represented by Louis Farrakhan and his anti-semetic, racist hate speech? Remember, Farrakhan was given a key to the city.
It makes me wonder if Menino or Emanuel have ever heard of the 1st Amendment.

These same progressive groups that started this controversy have accused CFA of making financial
donations, a total of 2 million dollars, to seven “anti-gay” organizations which included the Marriage And Family Legacy Fund.
In effect, what they’re saying is, if  you support traditional marriage and family, (God forbid you should, it’s not politically correct to do so) that automatically makes you anti-gay.
Remember kids, Pro Traditional Marriage = Bigot, Homophobic, Anti-Gay!

Free speech is a one way street if it opposes the progressive viewCompanies such as Kraft Foods/Oreo cookie, Absolut Vodka, Google

Companies like Kraft Foods/Oreo, Google and Coca-Cola (just to name a few) all sponsor gay pride events across the country, donating millions of dollars… yet here I sit with Oreo in hand (literally) while writing this using Google’s Chrome browser.
Did I happen to mention I have a six pack of Coke in my fridge?
How intolerant of me.

So if I were to follow the progressive logic, wouldn’t that make all those companies anti-heterosexual, small minded bigots?
Of course not, don’t be silly…it only works one way!

The actions and reactions from the people I mentioned, tells you everything you need to know… every sort of speech, activity and expression should be protected, except the speech, activity and expression of people with opposing opinions.

It’s a shame that so many in the LGBT community, and their
supporters, asks for tolerance and are so intolerant of other opinions.

Free speech isn’t solely for the left or the right, it’s for every American
as it states in our Constitution, as it should be.
Some would do well to remember that freedom of religion, press, and
expression goes both ways.


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One response to “Hello Pot…Meet Kettle

  1. Steve Barbush

    I really appreciate your views on this subject and wish more people would also take the time to review that lack of objectivity and the obvious bias that has been occurring over Chick Fil A situation. There needs to be more said on the subject of these alleged “hate groups” that CFA supports, for they are not at all hateful. Claims that people need to be more tolerant but the hypocrisy they show just because someone voices an opinion shows they themselves are displaying bigotry, hatred and in some instances, violence. It truly is a very sad state of affairs and its only getting worse. Wikipedia: “Paradox of tolerance, the problem that a tolerant person is antagonistic toward intolerance, hence intolerant of it.” Sometimes I just stand in awe of how liberals want tolerance for their special interest groups, yet are vehemently intolerant of the views of those with whom they disagree. The saddest part of all is that they cannot see the hypocrisy in their actions, for its as almost if they are completely blinded by their actions all the while casting judgement on those that oppose what they are representing. I’m not picking on a group ie; homosexuals, but stating that these people in general that are sexually promiscuous , adulterous,etc are without question not helping but hurting themselves & society, this is all factual. I myself have committed my own sins and have been guilty of plenty. Difference is now I am not continuing in my deviant ways but others seem to think that their lifestyles are acceptable without consequence & that’s not the case. Live a pernicious lifestyle…pay the price! Most just don’t believe they are doing wrong! When you actual look at statistics of the attrition of successful homosexual relationships versus heterosexual relationships in categories such as faithfulness, commitments, longevity of the relationship, etc….all things that are directly important factors for marriage. The stats don’t lie, for they show a huge difference in success as that compared of heterosexuals. Our country already has a sad rate of over 50% of marriages ending in divorce. There is so many things in our society that are adversely affected by these divorces, do we really need to be adding to the problem by changing the rules and definition of marriage by adding homosexuals to the mix? Not to mention the moral and religious aspects of changing the mere definition of marriage to include same sexes. The plight of such a historical change has so many negative aspects that our society seems to want to overlook and very few bring to the forefront of Americans viewpoints. The reason why is because bringing such issues to the top of the list makes that person or group to be automatically categorized as an official “hate group”. So its no wonder why so many that are advocates of traditional marriage keep to themselves. However I am here to tell you that the studies done have shown so many adverse reactions and/or potential problems our society has yet to take into account that it truly is a scary thought.

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