Luton – Extremist Capital of Britain

Stacey Dooley, born and raised in Luton, investigates what is going on in her hometown and why it is known as the extremist capital of Britain. The group she confronts are protesting against the arrest of  a local woman and wife of the Stockholm suicide bomber. While following the protest, Stacey is confronted by a Muslim woman and experiences first-hand the views held by these groups.

Fatwa No : 126274
Muslims calling to Islam while living in a non-Muslim country-

It should be noted that it is not permissible for the Muslim to immigrate to the lands of disbelief except for a necessity or a dire need because immigration to the lands of disbelief cannot be free from violations of Sharee‘ah rules in general. For further information, see Fatwa 86405.

However, if there is a valid reason for the Muslim to immigrate and stay there, he must abide by the rules and laws which regulate people’s life and which do not contradict the rulings of Sharee‘ah.



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2 responses to “Luton – Extremist Capital of Britain

  1. I shared this same video on Facebook the other day and I had people message me about it, agreeing with me in a roundabout way, so they’d clearly watched it. Yet nobody shared, liked or commented on it, and I can only assume out of fear. Thanks for not being one of them!

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