California mass shooter who killed 6 was…Muslim

Remember, it’s the religion of peace…

Creeping Sharia

The death toll of the shooting rampage in Santa Monica rose to six Sunday after one of the victims was taken off of life support. And more via John Zawahri’s Father Was Abusive, Santa Monica College Shooter’s Mom Charged. (Tami Abdollah misuses “charged” here – it doesn’t appear the mother has been charged with a crime)

LOS ANGELES — Police found bomb-making materials seven years ago in the home of the gunman who killed five people last week in Santa Monica, a school board official said on Tuesday.

Police discovered the materials after John Zawahri threatened fellow high school students in 2006, Oscar de la Torre, a member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified school board, told The Associated Press.

Did school and law enforcement officials treat Zawahri with kid gloves then because he was Muslim? Did that lead to ignoring potential issues, be it family violence or mental…

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