DOD Holds First LBGT Pride Event in Kandahar Afghanistan -What’s wrong with this picture?

blog CollageU.S. troops deployed to Kandahar Airfield and Bagram held the first Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Pride event to be observed in a deployed environment. Interesting…also in Kandahar troops are counseled about displaying their Christian or Jewish faith and told to be culturally sensitive to Muslims by not speaking of Christianity, Judaism or openly showing bibles.
(Is anyone missing the hypocrisy here?)
I’m so disgusted I’m almost speechless.
What happened to pride in being a Soldier, Marine, or Airman… we now have to have events espousing sexual orientation?

As a side note:Homosexuality is still outlawed under Islam and punishable by death as a Hudood crime- I’m sure the Afghan people were thrilled.


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