Obama Registered as Barry Soetoro in DC? You Decide

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m as far from a conspiracy theorist as one can get, but I truly have no viable explanation for this.
I went to the District of Columbia Board of Elections to their Voter Registration Status Page and entered the required information – First name, last name, DOB, and zip code – for President Obama.
Barack Obama  August 4, 1961 20500 (*20500 is the zip code for the White House)
This is what comes up: The Board of Elections and Ethics does not have a record matching the information you supplied.

Barack Obama's DC Voter Status

Barack Obama’s DC Voter Status

Ok. Now let’s change the name: Barry Soetoro August 4, 1961 20500 and see what happens:

Barry Soetoro registered in DC

Barry Soetoro registered in DC

“Barry Soetoro,”was the name used to register 6-year-old Barack Obama at Jakarta, Indonesia’s Roman Catholic Franciscus Assisi Primary School by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. The school registration card lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His religion was listed as Muslim.

A quick check of the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago, shows Barack Obama’s voter registration is Active (in good standing).
For voting purposes, “legal voting residence” can be the State or territory where he last resided prior to becoming President OR the State or territory that he’s claimed as his legal residence – but not both.
chicago status
So did Barack Obama submit this registration or is it fraud? I don’t know. The only way to find out would be to obtain the actual registration forms submitted to the D.C. elections… and we all know that’s not going to happen.  You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Weigh in – Is this potential voter fraud or something else?


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