160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

This is an outrageous act that’s barely been covered by the main stream media. Why all the secrecy? Most likely because implications could have far reaching consequences for some of North Carolina’s more affluent families. They may have burned the evidence, but the truth will usually rise from the ashes.
Do you think someone is trying to bury the truth? Comment below, I’d really be interested in your thoughts.

Stumbling in the Shadows of Giants

I rarely re-blog, but this one deserves being spread far and wide.

Timeline of the Destruction of 100 Year Old Franklin County, NC Records

Please read the whole post included above – but the gist is as follows:

– This summer a new Clerk of Court in Franklin County discovered a trove (an entire roomful) of documents, some dating back to 1840, in a previously sealed room in the Franklin County, North Carolina Court House.

– Recognizing the historical value of these materials, she contacted the local historical society to assist in reviewing the materials, preserving them, and inventorying the materials.

– The Local historical group enthusiastically poured themselves into the project, mobilizing volunteers and the whole community – securing space to work, materials, and finances – in order to catalog and preserve the bounty of record books, photographs, deeds, chattel records, land grants, deeds, wills, personal correspondence, and countless…

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2 responses to “160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

  1. TruthTeller.com

    Yes, I believe they are trying to burn the truth. I’ve known for years that enslaved blacks who were giving land by slave owners, had their land and homes taken away because of fear, and lack of finances. I for one have heard my father say on more than one occasion, that my great-grandfather had over 200+ acres of land in northern Franklin County. I can’t recall the exact location, or the details of how the property was taken. It just sickens me that the government officials that you elect, and pay, will lie, steal, cheat, and deceive the people. Yes, the truth will rise from the ashes, and so will the consequences for the actions of all involved.

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