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Take a break from the daily grind and have a laugh or a feel good moment…


Barack Obama’s SOTU in under a minute … 



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News Station Reports on Asiana Flight – Gets Punk’d

Bay Area Fox affiliate KTVU purportedly learned the names of the flight crew of Asiana flight 214, which crashed last Saturday at San Francisco International Airport, killing two. Little did they know that the list they received was actually a list of some very fake Chinese names…. The anchor read the names off the teleprompter and obviously missed the practical joke. KTVU listed the pilots names as:

Captain Sum Ting Wong
Wi Tu Lo
Ho Lee Fuk
Bang Ding Ow

The station read a statement later in the broadcast:

Earlier in the newscast we gave some names of pilots involved in the Asiana Airlines crash.
These names were not accurate despite an NTSB official in Washington confirming them late this morning. We apologize for the error.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to report this with a straight face – AI


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Guns, Guns, Guns by comedian Steve Crowder

Comedian Steve Crowder on gun control and alternate names for gun bans. –

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JESUS VS. MUHAMMAD (Qur’an Challenge II) Comedy-Video

Take a break and laugh.  Conservative comedian Steven Crowder is at it again with Jesus vs Muhammad!

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