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160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

This is an outrageous act that’s barely been covered by the main stream media. Why all the secrecy? Most likely because implications could have far reaching consequences for some of North Carolina’s more affluent families. They may have burned the evidence, but the truth will usually rise from the ashes.
Do you think someone is trying to bury the truth? Comment below, I’d really be interested in your thoughts.

Stumbling in the Shadows of Giants

I rarely re-blog, but this one deserves being spread far and wide.

Timeline of the Destruction of 100 Year Old Franklin County, NC Records

Please read the whole post included above – but the gist is as follows:

– This summer a new Clerk of Court in Franklin County discovered a trove (an entire roomful) of documents, some dating back to 1840, in a previously sealed room in the Franklin County, North Carolina Court House.

– Recognizing the historical value of these materials, she contacted the local historical society to assist in reviewing the materials, preserving them, and inventorying the materials.

– The Local historical group enthusiastically poured themselves into the project, mobilizing volunteers and the whole community – securing space to work, materials, and finances – in order to catalog and preserve the bounty of record books, photographs, deeds, chattel records, land grants, deeds, wills, personal correspondence, and countless…

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URGENT ACTION ALERT — Urge North Carolina Gov. to Sign Anti-Sharia Bill HB 522

There have been more than 50 cases in 23 states in which judges have applied foreign law, depriving people of their constitutional rights. No Sharia Law In America!

There have been more than 50 cases in 23 states in which judges have applied foreign law, depriving people of their constitutional rights.
No Sharia Law In America!

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is facing a tough decision – whether to veto a bill that prohibiting judges from considering foreign law, including Islamic Sharia law. Although there shouldn’t be a need for this law, sadly there is. There have been more than 50 cases in 23 states in which judges have applied foreign law, depriving people of their constitutional rights. Often women and children wind up the victims when Sharia law is applied. This is without a doubt unconstitutional, but that hasn’t stopped liberal judges.
Read More On: Sharia Law In American State Courts [PDF File]

North Carolina Muslims hope they can persuade the Republican governor to veto the bill, according to The State.com
Muslims oppose the effort because they think it is motivated by intolerance and say it could infringe on other religious groups. .
But others say measures banning the use of “foreign laws” are targeting Sharia law, not other religions – Nonsense!

On U.S. soil, we must all embrace the laws of this country via the Constitution, and not demand enforcement of rules and regulations left in other cultures. Many Sharia law problems in the United States involve cases of women being beaten by their Muslim husbands and judges ruling that because the men were not accustomed to U.S. laws against spousal abuse, they cannot be convicted.

CAIR sent out a national “action alert” urging Muslims to call and email McCrory to ask him to veto the bill. Defending Sharia law from U.S. restrictions is one of CAIR’s top agenda items, according to its March 2012 statement announcing a “community toolkit to challenge ‘Anti-Sharia’ bills.”


If McCrory signs the bill, North Carolina would become the seventh state to have an anti-Sharia law, according to TheState.com, joining Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Alabama lawmakers approved a similar constitutional amendment, which will be on the ballot for voters to consider in 2014.


As Americans, especially Americans living in North Carolina, we MUST take action now. House Bill 522, titled Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights,  has been ratified and sent to Governor McCrory for signature as of July 26, 2013.
Please take a moment to email Governor Pat McCrory through
this email form on the Governor’s web page  asking him to sign HB 522  The Anti-Sharia Bill.

We MUST let him know that as Americans we say,“NO FOREIGN LAWS IN AMERICA!”
Please be respectful when contacting the Governor, but make sure he knows you support HB522.

You can also contact Governor Pat McCrory’s office by:
PHONE: (919) 814-2000

or FAX: (919) 733-2120

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