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Vote in the RNC 2016 Presidential Straw Poll

The Republican National Committee has released a 2016 presidential straw poll asking users to choose the three names they would most like to see as the Republican nominee. They’ve presented the names of 32 potential nominees with a write-in at the end of the survey.

The names listed mostly won’t come as a surprise. Listed are people such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West and of course the main stream media and establishment darling Chris Christi of New Jersey. A couple of the names on their list did make me take a second glance, like Condoleezza Rice and former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton….wait – what?

As of today, according to  Real Clear Politics, several polls show Governor Christi is leading by a +4.0 spread.  So here’s your chance folks, to let the establishment know we’re fed up with big government and it’s time to restore the proper balance of power.  America isn’t broken; it is Washington that is broken.

Leave a comment below and let me know who  you would like to see as the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election?

RNC 2016 Presidential Straw Poll


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Unions Take It On the Chin In Wisconsin

Unions took it on the chin. They will not be turning back the reforms enacted by Walker that have already resulted in economic improvements in the state and why would they want to? Let me explain why Government employee unions want to…and want to bad.
First, I want to clear up some misinformation. Government employee unions no longer have collective bargaining rights, with the exception of police and firefighters….not private sector unions.
So what happens when government employee unions can engage in collective bargaining?
1. Unions pour money, sometimes millions of dollars, into the campaigns of favored politicians.
2. Unions then negotiate with the very politicians they managed to get elected with their money for increased pay and benefits.
3. Taxpayers foot the bill for the increased pay and benefits while the politicians pull down campaign donations from the unions that will help to keep them in office.
See the problem?

Wisconsin Democrat theme song for 2012?

Some Barret supporters are apoplectic over Scott Walker’s win, others seem to have imploded.
Here are two of my favorite samples:

“This is the end of democracy! Democracy died tonight! The end of the USA as we know it, just happened!” 

(Here’s a bit of advice, Put on your big girl panties and man up buddy. I hope your kids never see this.)

and it appears that the unions weren’t the only ones that took it on the chin as a perturbed Barrett (D. WI) supporter implodes and slaps Barrett believing he conceded too early while people were still voting. To be fair, I’d like to note that Scott Walker (R- WI) led Democrat Tom Barrett 53-to-46 percent, with Brookfield kidney specialist Hari Trivedi getting the other one-percent.

(Lady, you are the epitome of unbalanced, and no, I’m not surprised.)

Folks, I like to call it the “Chicken Little Syndrome”, because the sky is always falling…just ask any far left supporter.

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An Open Letter To Liberal Politicians

This goes for R.I.N.O.s as well… November is here.
I’ve been waiting, and I remember.

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